Ningbo Huadong Xufeng Textiles Co., Ltd. (former Ninghai Jiufeng Yarn Factory) was founded in March, 1995, with a registered capital of CNY 13.68 million now. Situated at 1# of Tashan Park in Meilin Sub-district of Ninghai County in Zhejiang province, we enjoy good location and convenient traffic conditions for we are only 70km away from Ningbo city and 2km to the exit of Tongsan Expressway. We now are a specialized manufacturer of all kinds of pure cotton and multi-fiber-blending colored yarns, with 53,360sqm of lands and 5,0000sqm of buildings……<More>

Contact: Mr. Ge Junjie

Mobile: (0)13732136038

Add: 99#,Meiqiao Rd., Meilin street,
Ninghai, Zhejiang, China.

Tel: +86-574-65292868

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